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APET (Amorphous PET) Sheet is thermoplastic sheet which are produced by the extrusion processing of Polyethylene Terephthalate (APET) copolymer, thermoplastic polyester. APET Sheet has sparkling clarity and gloss and very good mechanical properties and thermoforming characteristics, which make them the ideal material for packaging applications.

APET sheets are clear and colored. These are virgin grade premium quality single layer PET sheets. Applications include general packaging, dairy products, and thermoforming and food contact applications. These sheets are also suitable for different printing techniques like UV, Offset and flexo printing.

We manufacture wide array of PET Sheets that are highly durable and reliable in nature. They have high clarity and are utilized in different industrial applications. Our entire product range is manufactured using quality approved raw components and advanced technologies thereby ensuring its flawlessness. They are as per the set quality standards and guidelines.

apet sheet

APET Sheet

Sheets from Polyethylene terephthalate | more details

Thickness Range:0.20 to 0.60 mm
Options :Anti-block, enhanced UV protection, Antistatic ADDITIVES
Thickness Tolerance:+/- 5% (max)
Color:Clear / Color / Opaque / Metalized shades
Product:Single layer virgin PET Sheet

*Custom Sizes on Request!

Sheet Characteristics:

  • Consummate Transparency and Surface splendor.
  • High Resistance against chemical products
  • Suitable for applications where they come in contact with food and comply with FDA and BGA regulations ( except the UV version )
  • High Impact Strength and resistant to breakage
  • Thermoformable, do not require any Pre-drying
  • Excellent Fire Resistance, low Production of non-toxic smoke
  • Recycable, environment- friendly, completely combustible, without any emission of toxic Substances, that contaminate landfills
  • Reduce noise transmission

Areas of Application

Packaging, Disposable Containers, Engineering, Medical Products etc.


The advantages over PVC for blister packaging or HIPS/ GPPS for thermoforming are given below

Blister Packaging

Non toxic and safe for food/ drug Good mechanical strength-downgauging possible Excellent transparency and gloss No stress whitening when flexed Good chemical resistance Good gas and water barrier properties Can be sterilized by gamma radiation Faster cycle times – high productivity Can be pigmented Price competitiveness Faster heat absorption due to higher diffusivity rates (app. 10%) as compared to PVC implying that Pet Sheet will absorb heat faster than other materials.


Excellent clarity of thermoformed products Better mechanical properties, chemical resistance, impact strength, gas and water barrier properties giving higher shelf life to the packed products. Environment friendly and suitable for recycling No stress whitening when flexed Good weather and UV resistance Easy shaping Higher productivity and lower energy costs due to: – Heating can be done at 10-150C lower than for PS implying a savings in energy cost and also corresponding reduction in cycle time due to lower cooling time. – Faster heat absorption due to higher diffusivity values resulting in lower cycle times. – Improved thermoforming speeds due to higher thermal diffusivity.

Test Method
Density1.33 - 1.35gms/ccD1505
Tensile Strength at Yield59MPaD882
Elongation at Break100 (min)%D882
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity2400MPaD882
Dart Drop Impact Strength (12.7 mm dia head 660 mm drop ht)400gmsD1709A
Light Transmission87%D1003 (mod)
Water Vapour Transmission6.0gms/mm/sqM/24 hrsF372
Gas Permeability - oxygen (at atmospheric pressure)5.0cc/mm/sqM/24 hrsD3985
Softening Point (Tg)78oCD648
Heat Distortion 69oCD648-A

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